This boy...

Oh man, this boy has a big piece of my heart. And today he is three.

THREE! For cryin' out loud!

Kamdyn Michael, you are one of the sweetest, funniest, lovingest little dudes I've ever known. I hope as you keep growing you become so fully and amazingly aware of how loved you are. Remembering the day you were born - I remember exactly where I was, sitting in my car in the Trader Joe's parking lot, tears filling my eyes as I looked at the picture your Meemaw sent, your sweet, tiny little face so perfect and incredible - well shoot... Now you're going to make me well up all over again.

You are the light of so many lives little man. Don't ever doubt how special and important you are. Never doubt the blessing your life is to everyone who knows you.

Happy birthday, Kamdyn!

You are quite wonderful, you know that?


  1. You are the sweetest aunt. I have a bday package in the works for you... I just put it together yesterday and realized it's not quite full enough yet... I will find you some more goodies. ;) Let me know how low you are on Hello Kitty merchandise and I can fill in any gaps you might have.