a day in wine country & some fuzzy lovers

Miss Jodi at St. Innocent

getting a tour of the "princess quarters" at the adjacent wedding venue

have you ever seen so many kinds of cheese? 

a freshly made wheel of brie

jodi with her bounty
oh, slap this face right off me (and yet I post it anyway)

helloooo ladies. 
coelho was representing the family business! yep, that's my dad's company!

deep fried gnocchi in a sherry cream sauce? oh, hell.

lancelot's little polydactyl feet!

jennifer & jolie
hi, arthur man


he loves his mama

So I am woefully late in posting these photos but hey, my computer is old and running out of memory so uploading pictures has become a bigger chore than it used to be. 

But better late than never!

About a month ago, Jodi and I both had the day off from work so we decided to do some wine and cheese tasting in the name of research (I did have my presentation coming up at that point). It was a dank and dreary kind of day but we're Oregonians (well, she's a native, I'm just pretending, but I'm working on it!) and nothing gets between us and good food and beverages.

So we went out to St. Innocent Winery to visit our friend Felice, on to Willamette Valley Cheese for a little nosh (and to visit the cows) and then finished the day at Coelho (where I was introduced to a new Portuguese varietal I am now in love with).

We also grabbed a little happy hour at The Blue Goat in Amity which I highly recommend! 

All in all, a perfect day which we ended by going back to her house to snuggle with all her fur-babies and have, oh, one more glass of wine with some more meats & cheeses.

Life. We are so good at it. 


  1. Food, wine, friends, animals...this post is awesome! : ) Hope you guys had the BEST time!

  2. i would like some deep friend gnocchi and i want to go to the cheese shop, please and thank you!

  3. My kind of day! My sis in law gets in on Thursday... oh, the cheese and wine that are in my future.