a first

Happy first birthday to my baby nephew Jack!

Sweet boy, you are so loved by so many people.

No one can believe that one year ago today your aunties were anxiously waiting by the phone for your daddy to tell us you were here and resting happily in your mama's arms.

I still remember where I was when that first picture came through to tell me I could rush downtown to kiss your sweet baby face for the first time.

(I cried then like I'm crying now, you were such a beautiful baby, I couldn't believe what a good job those parents of yours did!)

You were determined to take your time and keep us guessing but you know what kid? Beyond worth the wait.

I miss you and your mom & dad so much little man, but only a couple more months until I get to see that happy little face of yours and smother you ALL with hugs and kisses!

Happy birthday sweet baby boy - and so much love to you all the way from Oregon!


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