weekly gratitude

thank you footwell for collecting all the mulch my shoes drag into my car

I am only slightly ashamed proud to say that I am nearing the end of Frasier season 11. I can't remember when I started watching so diligently exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was only about a month ago.

Which means a) it's about time the weather turned around and got me out of the house (which it will be this week!) and b) my incessant need for background noise while I'm working on a project or writing is being fueled by a pedantic, albeit clever, man with an abnormally large dome and a delightfully neurotic brother.

In other news, I definitely have a crush on Niles. 


1. Thank all of you for reaching 50 followers! I am so sincerely flattered and honored that you all stop by to read what I have to say. Your sweet comments, emails, tweets, insta-ments (is there a proper term for comments on instagram? or did I just invent one?) mean so much to me. Truly, thank you all for your support, encouragement and friendships! And on this note, I'm thinking of doing a giveaway to celebrate so stay tuned this week!

2. Thank you for a fun, and only slightly silly, night with Jodi! Tuesday night we headed over to The Colony in Aurora for Taco Tuesday (not the best tacos, but man alive, they do the trick). After a little while there, and a brief stint at a another spot where we met up with Miss Wendy, we bounced back to her place to hang out with Brinks (world's best german shepherd) and her two kittens and oh, I won't forget, the five chickens ("the ladies"). It was a total girl's night that included lots of chatter, wine and a dip in the hot tub (with Brinks looking over our shoulders wondering why we weren't playing with him). I ended up just crashing there when, at 3am, we realized we were still awake and solving the world's problems (er, our problems). For the record, I want to steal her guestbed - oh, the comfort! Puts my four year-old $99 mattress situation to shame (although, for that same record, a used kitchen sponge could have the same affect). Love that girl and I'm so grateful for her friendship!

3. Thank you for this. I can't wait to make it. And I'm sure the boys won't mind either. 

4. Thank you for this beautiful new print from Kate! If you haven't already, go check out her photography shop and indulge in a little visual delight! I'd been looking for a good black & white photo for a wall in my apartment and when I saw this one (and noticed there was an option for color or b&w) I jumped. Now it's framed up and is the perfect finishing touch! 

5. Thank you for a chance to meet a truly lovely young lady. Our buddy Bryce over at Red Hills Market  was celebrating his last night of work at our favorite Dundee hotspot before heading off for an amazing internship, so his family was hanging out for the evening. Caitlyn and I dropped by for dinner after work and met the gang, telling his mom what a good job she'd done with that son of hers (it's no secret, we love all those boys at RHM!). We ended up hanging out on the back patio while his family finished up treats of their own but after a little while Bryce's little sister Beth came to hang out with us. Caitlyn had to head to bed after a while (girl works for UPS and had to be at work at 3am... Oy) so Beth and I ended up chatting for another hour or so and man... That girl is going to go places. I was floored when she said she wasn't even fifteen yet because she is already far wiser than your average teenager (hell, wiser than most adults for that matter). We talked about everything under the sun but the highlight by far was talking about faith and just the pure joy of it. It didn't take long to see her kind heart and genuine character and love for goodness and God (though watch out - if you threaten someone she loves she'll be on you like white on rice!). Anyone who wants to talk about how the youth of America is going to hell in a handbasket needs to redirect their attention to Miss Beth - lady knows what's up! (Beth, seriously, if you're reading this it was a distinct pleasure meeting you and I wish you so much luck and peace and joy and grace as you set the world on fire!)


So I'll count this edition of Weekly Gratitude as a success in that I actually got it posted on the usual Sunday night.

(Hey, I know it's after midnight and now technically Monday, but I'm still awake and as far as I'm concerned it's still Sunday so what say we just go with it and call it a night!)

Happy May everyone!


  1. Love Kate's print in b&w! I was going to get one of her flower prints for this god-awful wall in our funky kitchen bump out thing, but, um, I'm probably gonna wait ;)

  2. Love these weekly gratitude posts. It's nice to step back and think of all our blessings.

  3. Awww Yay! The print looks awesome, thanks for the shout. Im happy to be in your home (not as creepy as it sounds).