gorging ourselves

A few weeks ago, as the weather was just beginning to lighten up, Jared and I found ourselves with a day off from work so we decided to drive up through the Columbia River Gorge.

I'm working on collecting shots of the various Oregon landscapes for the big empty wall in his living room and looking at these I'm pretty excited to have some images to start with. I still have some further edits to get the look he's going for, but here are a few others that turned out pretty nifty!

(sidenote: Jared, though used to me sticking a camera in his face at this point, is never fond of having his picture taken - he said the photos of him looked "posed" but not a one of them is - except the one of both of us. That'll teach him to be photogenic)


  1. Beautiful pictures! The cowboy hat is a nice touch.
    Have a great weekend, Lauren :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful amazing happy day <3

  3. ahh how much i miss my Oregon!!!!! these pictures are amazing!!!