they come back... they always come back

big brother
little brother
"greatest living argument for mercy killings"

pinky out - classy

enjoying the cheese course
hey brother
andrew is so popular, the fan club was blowing up his phone

eric - yeah, we had a handsome doctor in the house

i kinda adore these two

herb's latest - a sauv blanc imported from his vineyards in new zealand

i think this is my new favorite picture
mama and her boy

"bee-boop... bee-boop on the nose" (i love dakota's face in the first one)

"the great beard off of 2012 - bandor the younger vs. bandor the elder"

not a clue... must be a brother thing
handsome lads


amazing show of (nearly non-existent) flexibility 

there was a lot of laughter

epic battle of the shamos

this guy is good people
another set of handsome brothers
ham (short for shamoo?)
janet with her boys

why? why NOT?

i wish he was a happy person


"awkward family photo" (trying to blow the bottle cap into the bottle)

proving (with water!) that you can fit a whole bottle of wine in one glass
not sure, but this was the end of the night so who knows...

The photos tell the tale far better than I could otherwise.

Having people come visit is one of my favorite things (hint to all my California friends) (and the rest of you in Indiana). Though I was working a lot of the time everyone was here, we did manage to get some pretty fantastic evenings squeezed in and my camera was poised for action the whole time.

To Dakota, Janet and Allison - come back soon!


  1. So much love are in all of these photos. It's so wonderful. :)

  2. Great shots, like the brother thing.