a little bit country

Jason Aldean - Fly Over States from Wes Edwards, director on Vimeo.

The weather is warming up, light is hanging in the far corners of the sky until well after 9pm, and with a little bit of vitamin D coursing through my body after a week of sunshine I can nearly taste the impending summer.

(even if I will be bemoaning the fact that I don't have an air conditioner)

This time last year I began indulging in a little bit of twang - after John & Laura's wedding weekend left me with the sound of cowboy boots scuffing through gravel, I found myself doing the unthinkable:

listening to country music.

I know.

It was weird for me too.

But now that the season is just around the corner once again I've found myself tuning into country radio, rolling the windows down and getting excited about going to (probably more than one) rodeo in the coming months. 


In the meantime though, life here in Portland clangs along. Shamoo's mom and her friend have been visiting, Dakota's here, and last night as we all had dinner (Shamoo's brother-in-law Andrew and me being the only non-Indianians in a group of eight - a ratio I'm used to most of the time, please reference The Camaraderie) I really let myself think about what Mr. Aldean is singing about up there.

Because even though I'm a girl from California, 

I've been through Indiana.

And I for one think I understand why God made those flyover states. 

And I'm awfully glad He did. 

Happy weekend everyone - and Portlanders, get out and enjoy that SUN


  1. And now you have a reason to come to Nashville. :)

    Interesting sidenote: We pulled up Jason Aldean's "my Kinda Party" music video when Sam was a wee tiny thing, and he couldn't tear his eyes off the screen. All those women dancing around in hardly any clothes... LAWD. But then I put the cd in my car and whenever I'd turn it on, he'd calm down. So I didn't take that cd out for well over 15 months. (If it ain't broke...) So needless to say, I'll probably kiss that man on the lips if I ever see him for making our car rides so bearable.

  2. I love country music. It makes me really miss those flyover states! There's something about road tripping across the country...I just don't get the same experience in Alaska.