DIY | chevron box

This is the last practically-the-same-as-everything-else thing I post, I promise. 

This wasn't actually meant to be a project for the blog really, but as I was doing it I decided it should be. 

Only because it's pretty. 

And easy.

And I crave attention apparently. 

(why else do I have a blog?)

I mean, wait, what?



- paper mache box (those little ones you find at a craft store)
- all-purpose paint (I used Martha Stewart brand)
- paintbrush
- metallic pen


- paint box and let dry
- with metallic pen, draw vertical, parallel lines around bottom of box (leave lid plain)
- fill in hashmarks in alternating directions around box (see photos)



I'm using it as a little gift box, but it could be used as anything really.

A jewelry box!

A sewing kit!

A place to hide a treasure map!

Or, you know, whatever.


  1. Please, *everything* is a project for the blog. Yesterday, Kev had to work late, so I took the boys to the beach for a picnic dinner. As we were pulling out of the neighborhood, I said "Aw, I forgot my camera". To which Cullen responded, "Its okay Mommy, you can just look at us with your eyes." Touche Cullen, touche.