grrr (and other things that are completely nonthreatening)

See this face?

This is how I feel about my complete lack of motivation to get things done today.

I have exactly 14, 987, 562 things to do now that all visitors have gone home (booooo) and I have a couple of days off work...

But instead of folding the laundry I did about two weeks ago, cleaning up my neglected kitchen, vacuuming, mailing my mom's mother's day gift and Jack's birthday gift, framing a print that's been on my desk for a week, posting the recipes I have half-written up, clearing space on my computer, uploading and editing about 500 photos, dusting, taking out the recycling, catching up on reading my bible, responding to emails (Kate, I promise I'll write back soon!) and working on a recipe for coconut shrimp risotto for work I decided to:

read blogs
make another pot of coffee
eat a bowl of cereal & two turkey hotdogs
watch The Office

I have no excuses.

Lazy. Bones.


  1. I adore you. and I need to get motivated myself and get off this darn computer.

  2. Ooh your day sounds fun. Screw adult responsibilities!!

  3. I had the exact same day. I almost don't want to go out in the living room, because it is full of baskets of laundry that need to be folded. I hate folding. And I won't even tell you about the kitchen/floors/bathrooms....such a mess!: )

  4. You and I are startlingly similar...
    I'm using the excuse of having a weird cold/flu-ish thing. However, that doesn't apply everyday of the year...

  5. Thanks for C's bday shout out! And if my phone wasn't really far away in the kitchen right now, I'd abuse my power of your privacy and tell you to seriously, get on that email ;)

    Your sentiment is pretty much exactly how I feel every day during naptime. Serious internal battle.

  6. I think lazy time is essential to keeping a happy work/life balance. So don't beat yourself up :)