dining on the willamette (dammit)

The Steel Bridge

Shamoo's mom is in town, visiting from Fort Wayne.

I love it when she comes out here. 

The last couple trips have set up a nice precedent: dinners, wine, laughing.

What's not to like?

Basically, it's a guaranteed good time and we all have a blast.

This trip she brought a friend and they're renting a condo right on the Willamette River. Tonight they were so kind as to invite us all over for dinner so Shamoo, Jared, Shamoo's brother and brother-in-law (Eric & Andrew), and I all met up there with plenty of daylight to spare.

I was floored.

Jared had met me outside to guide me through the labyrinth of condos and parking lots and as soon as we walked in he just said, "Yeah. Now go look out back."

Right. On. The. Water.

I die. 

Shamoo, feel free to buy one of those condos anytime.

Meanwhile, enjoy some photos of the river, the Shamo family, and Jared laughing until he was practically dryheaving. 

Ah. Good times. 

The Shamo Brothers 

A puppy friend that came to play!
Andrew & Eric

My favorite. 

Janet and Allison were dying as Shamoo told the funniest story of all time. (no dramatics here, that's truth) 

Oh, and Dakota gets here tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how much I love visitors?


  1. How awesome is that view?!

    Also, I see that I made your sidebar and I feel all kinds of famous right now. No easy task when it's 3am and your body is being treated like the local Dairy Queen, minus the high-schoolers making out in the parking lot.

  2. What a perfect night. I love when something is that funny that you cant catch your breath. Looks like you are having an amazing week!