connecticut wedding // the bridesmaids

Now we're getting to the good stuff...

These were some of my favorite shots of the day. Though the usual stress that comes with getting a bride and five bridesmaids ready for the big show floated by from time to time, Alyssa had to have been be one of the most relaxed and amiable brides of all time.

(probably helps that she and Luke had actually already been married for exactly a year by the time the clock struck midnight following the reception)

It should also be noted that with a bride as stunning as Alyssa, my job was practically a piece of cake.

So these were basically quarters made for humble royalty. Just loveliness as far as the eye could see.

And please, let's take a moment to marvel at how that girl walked in these shoes. 

(I think my ankles snapped just looking at them)

Oh! And as for the mothers of the bride & groom?

It was almost unfair to the bride how pretty they were (are).

Alyssa clearly took the whole process very seriously. 

Kam had to check in and make sure everything was going according to plan. 

(he looks like a linebacker in that suit - watch out, ladies, he's gonna be a heartbreaker)

Terra's hair! Always beautiful.

The photo above and the photo below are two of my favorites not just of the wedding, but of all time. 

Mama Sue and her two beautiful girls.

The above image is proof of why I adore this girl.

And you know when people say, "Oh, you look more like sisters than mother and daughter!"

Well, this is proof that sometimes that's entirely true.


And once again, Kam and flower girl Bella steal the spotlight. 

But really... It was too much beauty to take

The photos don't even do it justice.

But Lord knows I tried.

Tomorrow - the groomsmen get goofy...


  1. Oh my word, how beautiful! And seriously, I can not stop looking at the train of that wedding gown. STUNNING!

  2. Ah Lauren, such talent! What beautiful pictures.