for the longest time

For the longest time I've been wondering why God hasn't given me the answer to my prayers yet. He will answer them without a doubt, but only when I stop assuming what the answer is. 

Time and time and again, we think we are the ones to wait for God when it is actually He who waits for us to stop attempting to answer our own prayers. 

God you give me strength when I am weak. For that I thank you once again.


Jason, a buddy from my Pepperdine days, recently posted this status and... Damn. 

Nail. Hit. On. Head. 

And with that, I think I am starting to feel a change in my heart. A quieting. 

I'm going to try and shut myself up and be still

I will continue to pray without ceasing, but I will pray for what I need.

Not what I want.

And because I don't seem to know what I need, you can bet I'll be praying on that.

Ooooh boy.... I think things are about to get interesting. 

(( and yeah, the photo has nothing to do with anything, I was just digging the outfit ))


  1. I'm feeling this. A little too much actually. And I'm trying to be still. It's hard.

    I wish I could wear skirts like that. How do you and Kate do maxi skirts so well!?

  2. I literally think we are kindred spirits. Your comment was so sweet and just what I needed and then I come to read your most recent post and you're talking about being still and prayer and I am literally about to get a tattoo of "Be still" on my foot. Pretty awesome. :)