man from milwaukee

Or more to the point, the man going to Milwaukee. 

Or, I guess, even more to the point, the man and woman going to Milwaukee.

This whole thing is shot. Here are the photos from our last hurrah with Mike and Maggie before they sped off into the sunset on their way to Wisconsin.

(seriously guys, pick a place and stay there this time - we'r sick of you)

(totally kidding, please come back, I miss you already)

This is how it's done. Pizza and beer. 

The occasion doesn't matter.

They make a damn good looking couple, don't they?


...And a stuffed owl from Dean.

Just another reason why no one likes him.


Michull... Magathor... Really now... I'm missing ya'll already (and your little cat, too!).

Wishing you guys so much love and adventure and cheese in your new home but remember:

you better come visit us soon.

Luff yew.


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