weekly gratitude

thank you little folding flats for holding together, despite being torn up

It's been a while since I buckled down and wrote up some Gratitude here. And that's a shame. 

Don't misunderstand - I've been to the brim with thankfulness lately! Every Sunday morning I've scratched down a list of such wonderful happenings from that week. Some things have been rough, yes, but oh my! so wonderful in the great sweep of things!

So hey, let's ease back into this...

I'm going to wrap it all up in one little bit:

Thank you for my friends.

Mike, Maggie, Maria, Ashley, Nathan, Jodi, Blake, Jenn, Frankie, Matty, Dean, Robin, Caitlyn, Kate... To name the few.

This past week they have absolutely bowled me over with their love. Like, to the point of being practically struck dumb trying to wrap my head around whatever it was I did to deserve them.

Hot damn.

Someone up there is watching out for me. 

And He's putting together an army of hope to surround me when I need it most. 

And now? It's time for me to be brave and join their ranks. 

I'm stepping out onto the water. 

I may think I'm going to sink, but I know I won't.

Because He's promised me that I won't.

And that? Well, shoot. 

That's what I most thankful for.


And hey, Dad, don't think I forgot about you in all this...

Thank you.

Thank you for guiding me every step of the way.

You are leading this army. 

((or, you know, air force, as it were))


  1. That was lovely! I think a weekly gratitude post is a wonderful idea :)