connecticut wedding // the reception

I'm still a little bummed I never got a chance to try the amazing food that was circulating during cocktail hour (there was talk of a butternut squash and apple soup... I still want it...) but if I'm going to be doing anything besides eating, it may as well be taking pictures.

So I guess I can't be too forlorn about it all. 

And I do appreciate that Mike offered to make me a little plate while I was bopping around, snapping away. 

I opted for grabbing a tasty beverage at the bar and calling it a night (at least until dinner was served).

Besides, there were Kodak moments happening all over the place...

Michull and his other mother.

In true Baker/Bandor fashion... Ali and Jared were just living up to their family traditions. 

(notably absent were Ali's older brothers Jeff and Kris who you will remember from Andrea's wedding)

Though possibly better than any faces the cousins have pulled, were their mothers showing them how it's really done.

Carol and Sue... I applaud you.

(because Carol told me I needed to be in the pictures too... And then I struck an awkward pose because I don't know what do it in pictures) (hence why I stay behind the camera)


For their first dance, The Sharps chose Ingrid Michaelson's rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love".

(I pretended I wasn't crying behind my camera because that song gets me every.damn.time)

Luke's thoughts on Matt's Best Man speech remain unknown at this time.

(Alyssa was much more pleased with Andrea's words as MOH)

Father-Daughter... Mother-Son... These are some of my favorite moments at any wedding.

And then, OH! HEY! CAKE!

(my other favorite part)

And then Maggie caught the bouquet! 

(good thing too seeing as she is in fact the next one to get married)

This is how we're transporting nephews nowadays in case you've been wondering.


I got a good picture of Mike and Maggie!

Sorry to yell. This just doesn't happen often enough for me to use my indoor voice.

From here on out it was nothing but partying...

Their buddy Islam was an insane dancer... Dude totally stole the show...

...At least until the Sharp men took the floor a while later... Oh, just you wait...

Dakota, don't act like you were the only one trying to take a good picture. 

These pictures make me really glad I requested the Harlem Shake when the DJ came around... 

Kamdyn tuckered himself out on and off throughout the evening so we were thankful Paul was there (Alyssa's dad's wife's son, who is the sweetest kid - he made sure I wasn't just in photo-mode the whole night threatening to all but pick me up and throw me on the dance floor as the night wore on!)

Islam was the Dancing King until this happened... Oh, hell... Yeah, this happened... Gangnam Style happened... The bride and groom made it happen... It was that kind of wedding...

And then Jared jumped on Luke.

The best part of the affair however was not the beauty of it all, not the promising to love each other, not all that "for better or for worse" stuff.

No, it was this.

It was Luke, the groom de jour, performing his fully choreographed and lip synched dance to the Miley classic "Party In The USA".

Remember when you were shaking your head at the whole Harlem Shake or Gangnam Syle thing?

This topped all of that mess.

Kam, once he woke up again, was excellent at helping me scout potential angles from which to shoot.

OH! And this!

This is when Jeff, Luke and Matt Sharp stepped out and, once again, performed for their adoring fans.

"Sharp Dressed Man" has never looked so good.

And it's true - every girl was crazy about a sharp dressed man.

And then Matt died. His father and brother were immensely helpful. 

The boys doing "The Luke Sharp" for the camera.

And Mike and me doing "The Froon".

And lo! Kris Baker ("Jared's cousin") (I mean, he's actually his cousin, but that's also just the name he's known by 'round these parts) made it to the party via Skype! 

How's that for a family portrait?

Again, we seem to be repeating ourselves.


As promised, Matt with a napkin on his head. 

Kamdyn working the bar (and the ladies) like a boss.

And Tom (Sue's boyfriend) taking me for a spin during the last dance - I warned him that I'm terrible at letting someone lead but apparently Sue's a constant offender of the same thing so he's used to it.

Good thing, because bad as I am at formal dancing, I do love it.


Thus concludes the First Great Wedding Adventure of 2013!

I can't say enough how honored I was to have been a part of another special day in this family. I've known them all now for going on five years and being able to spend time with them all means as much to me as spending time with my own family. Because they are family. 

I love you all with my whole heart - thank you for letting me be a part of your incredible family.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful, fun wedding! You did an great job with the pictures.

    Also, you look amazing! I'm glad you were in some of the pictures!