connecticut wedding // the groomsmen

Oh man.

These boys.

Where the girls were gorgeous... The guys were goofy. 

I mean, yeah, there were a few candid shots in all seriousness...

... But there was also Matt (see above). 

You'll see more of him in the reception photos.

He'll be the one with a napkin tied around his head.

And then Michull showed up and he and Luke did this. 

Maggie and Alyssa are two lucky ladies. 

Above and below: somewhere between the Braveheart kilt scene and "What in God's name are we supposed to do with our hands?!"

(they figured it out)

If I were these guys' mom, I'd be beyond proud.

(and oh yeah, these shots took no prompting until you know, I needed to get an actual portrait)

For the record, saying "Just be brothers!" is not great direction from a photographer trying to get a serious shot.

But then we went outside and shoot, y'ever seen such studs?

Best prom ever.

Kamdyn was thrilled about getting ready. 

I think these really capture his overall enthusiasm.

Jeff, on the other hand, really was excited about everything. 

After all, it's not everyday you get to officiate your son's wedding...

Stay tuned... Tomorrow it's all about the ceremony!

(outdoor wedding in Connecticut... In February... Don't worry, it'll look warmer than it was...)


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