march giveaway with mish!

Big day over here! 

It's my first giveaway! 

I mean, Michelle is hosting it (doing all the heavy lifting so to speak) but imagine my excitement when she asked lil ol' me to join in! 

(there might have been a "yipee!" involved... or I may have just raised my glass of wine in a nod to our favorite traveling bloggess

This deal will speak all manner of hearts: gift cards, ad space, prints, photos, jewelry (that's my offering - you've seen the results of my therapeutic beading on Instagram... I'm finally putting it to good use!). 

In any case, head over to Mish Lovin' Life and not only see what kind of trouble she and the VDizz are up to over in Vietnam, but see what all you could win in this massive group giveaway!

Thanks again to Michelle, my ever-wine-loving friend, for hosting!