connecticut wedding // the rehearsal

If you're thinking to yourself, "My, what a tame amount of photos in this post! She didn't go crazy at all!" please grab a glass of wine and take a seat.

Because this is only just the tip of a rather substantial iceberg.

(seriously, Titanic just shifted on the ocean floor & groaned with concern)

(too soon?)

But really guys, these are just the photos from the rehearsal. By the end of the following night I would have taken over 2,700 photos (and whittled it down to just over 1,200 by the time I finished editing).

Also worthy of note about the end of that night was the claw-like form my hand took on after being coiled around a camera body for the better part of 20 hours. 

I felt like Chandler.

But have I mentioned how much fun this all was? Between Alyssa's family whom I've known and loved all these years, and meeting Luke's incredible family, I couldn't have asked for better people to spend a weekend with.

It was just my pure, pure joy to be a part of the big day!

This is where I will introduce you to Luke's dad, Jeff.

The pastor who married them. 

Yes, that's him wearing a formal wool coat over his jeans, barefoot and sporting (I think it was his daughter's?) furry pocket scarf. 

Which he put a bible in.

Because that's what the pockets were for, right?

Sweet look, Jeff.

Mother of the bride, Sue, with two of her favorite boys (her Tom and everyone's favorite two year old).

Kamdyn and his new girlfriend, Bella, were inseparable. 

If Kam entered a room and couldn't find his little lady, the screech of "BELLA!!!!" rang out like a battle cry.

Siblings of the bride. Oh, I love these people very much.

Speaking of battle cries, Kamdyn is quite the UFC fighter. He decided this was as good a time as any to start fighting his uncles. 

"Put yer dukes up!"

And this... Let's talk about this...

This is what happened when I asked to get a picture of Jeff and his two sons. 

This is what they did. 

And if you think this is good, wait until you see what happened when I tried to get formal portraits of the whole family (stayed tuned for Thursday's post). 

The Sharps are the single most entertaining family I've had the pleasure of meeting.

(I can say that because I've never met the Wayans)

(are the Wayan Brothers still a thing?)


Tomorrow: getting ready // bridesmaids edition


  1. I love looking at wedding photos!! The fighter photo is hilarious hahaha