good friday

(( quote by Bob Goff ))

It seemed like the end.

But really, it was only the beginning.

I've tried and tried to put into words what this day has come to mean to me, but when I read Danni's post I knew she had hit the nail on the head. This day, while in so many ways unbearably heartbreaking, is the beginning of the greatest fulfillment of the greatest promise. Which is why I loved how Bob Goff put it: "Heaven just started counting to three".

Can you imagine that? When the world thought the light had gone out, that hope was gone, that Jesus was lost... It's almost like I have this mental image of God taking a deep breath, closing His eyes and whispering to the world, "Wait... Just wait...

No doubt He hurt with us, He heard our cries, mourned with us and felt our desperation. 

His children were in pain, which no parent can bear with a cold heart, but He knew what was coming. 

He saw the joy.

He saw the hope.

He saw the promise that was coming. 

He knew that tomb would soon be empty.

Wait... Just wait...


  1. Oh my gosh I love that! What a great quote. Easter is such a great time to reflect on what is truly important.

  2. Just the kind of message you've been waiting for. A new season is coming in more ways than one!