about last night...


So for dinner last night I went over to Jared and Shamoo's to break in the new Crock Pot. 

The results were fairly well received. 

Using this recipe (with minor "to taste" adjustments)  and a mix of ingredients I picked up on the way to the gentlemen's apartment along with some that I needed to cook before they went bad (ay, there's the rub with buying organic goods), I was able to do only minor prep then sit back with a glass of wine and let little CP do the hard work for me! 

How have I lived this long without a slow cooker?

Needless to say, Boy A and Boy B were reduced to mere sound effects rather than words, and I may or may not have caught Jared pouring the residual pan juices down his gullet when he thought no one was looking. 

(I wish I could say it was the first time I'd seen that happen but alas... I've also seen him do this with bacon grease... That was worse)

Oh, and I hereby beseech you to include an entire head of peeled garlic cloves in this mix.

The result melts like butter in your mouth and adds a little taste of heaven to the meal I will be dreaming about for at least a fortnight.