weekly gratitude

thank you desert wedges for reminding me why I rarely wear heels (ouch)


It's 2012 already.

Forgive me for this lack of introductory segue (but after yesterday I feel like you probably don't mind).

I hope everyone had a tremendous New Year and a chance to recover throughout the day today! And on that note...

1. Thank you for what will go down as one of (if not the) greatest New Year's Eves to date. There are photos and a pretty good story to come on that front, but I have to say now how truly wonderful the night turned out to be. Last minute (no really, last minute) we rang in the New Year all together - Camaraderie style. Thank you and may I just say this - we win. 

2. Thank you for a church buddy. With the winery being closed today it was nice to be able to go to church with Jared tonight instead of going alone and having to mad-dash off to get to work on time. It was a really nice way to start this year off right (and also awesome that we got to hear a message from John Mark!)

3. Thank you for all of the wonderful ladies I've had the pleasure of communicating with on here! To all of you, thank you for your honesty, your humor, your sweetness and your encouragement for this little blog of mine! I've really come to love this little corner of the world and it's made all the sweeter by all of you!

4. Thank you for all of the people set to join us (or return to us) here in Portland in 2012! The more we talked about it last night, the more edge-of-our-seat excited we all got at the thought of Jon & Dayla and Mike & Maggie joining us here in the city we love. Our little pack of nomads is about to get a little rowdier. 

5. Thank you Tasty N Sons (and Shamoo's mom) for the best brunch anyone could hope to ring in the new year with (pictures to follow on that one, too)! Shamoo's mom gave him a gift card for Christmas so he, Jared and I wandered across the river and ate until we could have cried (the food is so good that no matter how full you get, you cannot - absolutely cannot - stop eating). And it's worth it. 


I love that this year started on a Sunday - start a new week, start a new year! Two for one! Double whammy! Bing-bang-boom! 

And now, it's time to shower and fall down because I'm still worn out from last night (this morning? I can't decide). Totally worth it, but oy-to-the-vey am I ever tired. 

Not as tired as Dean though. 

Happy 2012 all! Let's hope those Mayans were lying... Or just stupid. 


  1. Even if the Mayans aren't lying or stupid, 'let's live like we've never lived before. This is our year for sure.'