i've got one hundred resolutions

Okay, I don't really have one hundred resolutions but you can tell from this photo that I'm taking this very seriously. 

Still, there are some things I'd like to happen in 2012.

1. Read the bible in a year
I'm already working on this one. After the various debacles of last year, I really want to work on understanding more about my faith. I've already read the bible in its entirety, but that was in college when I was doing it for a grade, not for me. Solid Rock has a nifty little reading chart that I'm going to try and stick to. This one above all I'd really like to keep. 

2. Be a better friend
Again, to reference the last year, I don't know where I would have been without my friends. This year I want to repay that. I know that I've let some friendships slip due to my hermit tendencies and I've let long distance take its toll. I promise to work on that. 

3. No more fast food
I freely admit it: I love fast food. And there is part of me who sometimes thinks that anyone who says they don't is a rotten liar. Now I don't eat it often but when I do it's always a treat. Most often it's McDonald's breakfast because when I get up for church before work on Sundays I'm never hungry, but by the time I'm hauling it down Highway 99 my stomach is screaming at me. And what begs to answer it? A sausage McMuffin with egg. Oh lord. I love them so. Sometimes I feel like this guy. But no more! I know it's not good for me and there's no reason for me not to grab something healthy before I leave the house. 

4. Drink more water
 This ties into #3 as far as being better to my body. I've gotten pretty good at this (it's not like I'm a soda freak - actually, the only things I drink are water, milk, beer & wine for the most part) but I know I can do better.

5. Go to the gym more
Is this trite enough for you? Eh. Regardless. I need to whip my butt into shape. 

6. Read more
I love to read but haven't taken the time to really enjoy it in the past few months. I need to get back into that swing of things. 

6.5 Write more
This blog has helped me immensely when it comes to writing habitually, but now I need to get back into the creative mode. I used to write stories and scripts all the time but have been relatively stagnant for far too long. It bothers me that I'm letting laziness take precedence over creativity. 

7. Get into a house church
Part of Solid Rock's mission is not to be a community with house churches, but a community of house churches. I went to house church with Benita when I went to London and loved, even in that one night, the sense of community and love in that small group setting. I know there are a lot of groups in my area and I need to get over my fear and just do it.

7.5 Be better at praying in public
Well, by "public" I mostly just mean out loud. While I have no hesitation with prayer on my own, I'd really like to be able to say it out loud whether it be at the dinner table with family or even just one on one (at church on Sunday Jared and I were taking communion and he spoke a beautiful prayer but when it came to me, I just clammed up. And it was just the two of us! What was I afraid of?). I either fear not being able to find the right words or just get overcome with emotion and start crying. Seriously, what's my deal?

8. Explore more when it comes to photography
Now that I've got the wicked camera and a couple of weddings to shoot in the coming year, I really want to buckle down and expand my horizons with photography. I've also had it in the back of my mind to start an Etsy shop of some of my favorite prints. I've had a lot of encouragement to do so and I think I'm finally ready.

9. De-clutter
Inspired by Wendy, I am going to get all of the useless crap out of my apartment, clean what's dirty, organize what's messy and get rid of what's unneeded. 

10. Discover (rediscover?) what I want to do with my life
While I have an idea of what I'm meant to do in this world vocation wise, I want to work hard on finding a career path to line up with that. I want to work on my overall mission and support everyone around in theirs as well. I'm gonna mull that one over for a while and report back. 


What are your plans for 2012?
I truly wish you all the best in whatever resolutions you've made for this beautiful new year! 


  1. i love your resolutions! i used to have a major fear of praying outloud in front of other people but once i decided to just force myself to do it (and of course pray for the confidence that God has in me) and it comes out like second nature now! just be confident and know that time is between you and God and it's beautiful even if it is just simple and short. what really helped me was asking people (friends) if i could pray for them if they needed it. it's good practice. you can do it, girl! xx

    happy 2012!