happy hour thy name is tasty

I don't know what they do to these peanuts, but I kinda want them to do it to me too - it's magical

bourbon maple sling: buffalo trace bourbon, lemon, maple, bitters & soda - OH HELL!

fried cauliflower and olives with harissa cream - I never want to eat cauliflower any other way


low country hush puppies with jalapeno honey butter

bacon burger with SMOKED bleu cheese - yes, please, I'll take a hundred

polenta and sausage ragu with mozerella and a fried egg - everything should have a fried egg on it

griddled bacon-wrapped dates with maple syrup and almond  - I want this happening in my mouth ALL THE TIME

vanilla bean panna cotta with caramel and oranges 

Are you guys sick of hearing about Tasty N Sons and looking at pictures of food yet?

Oh, good.

Because I just went for Happy Hour for the first time and just about fell off my seat with how good it was.



  1. OMG wow. Everything looks delicious, especially the low county hush puppies. Why have I not been here yet??? :)