produce row or, jared turns 25

In an effort to celebrate Jared's birthday without any real hoopla because the kid is seriously frustrating humble (I was probably right the first time), we rounded up The Camaraderie and landed ourselves at Produce Row for happy hour (yes, we do that a lot around here - it's the national sport of Portland).  

We did our best to have a good time in spite of Dean testing our gag reflex response times. 

It's also worth noting that Shamoo was looking pretty dashing. Heartbreaker, ladies.

And since this was January 6th (not Jared's actual birthday the 7th), we had to toast our friend Jacobo whose birthday it really was, but he lives in Florida so we raised our glasses to the him in absentia! 

PR is a place you've probably heard me mention before because they do amazing beer & whiskey pairings. Jared got The Pale Rider (Terminal Gravity IPA & Blanton's Single Barrel) but my favorite is The Redford (Laurelwood Free Range Red & Woodford Reserve). 

Just one more place to go check out if you're ever in the Portland area.

I'll leave you with this one final thought, just in case you need any more cajoling:

smoked gouda macaroni & cheese with bacon and crumbled goldfish crackers

The end. 


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