early morning texting: advisable?

There are certain things you just shouldn't do before 8am.

Or before coffee.

Texting about chores to be done throughout the day is just one item on that massively long list.

(a good argument could be made for brain surgery or practicing your javelin throws, too)

Anyway, when some people ::cough:: Jared ::cough:: choose to blatantly disregard the tail-end of the 7 o'clock hour this is what happens...


Jared: When are you thinking about coming over [to do laundry]?

Me: Whenever works for you. I'm off today so I'm flexible.

Jared: I'm trying to get out of bed now so you can come over whenever. 

Me: Haha, ok. I'm still in bed too and it's very cold in my apartment so getting up might be a slow process.

Jared: Yeah, same here.

Me: I can totally do laundry from bed, right? Everything'll get done and I can just stay warm, curled up listening to the rain! And definitely NOT feel like a lazy bum!

Jared: Yeah sure, little elves will come and do it for you.

Me: I knew I kept those little buggers on staff for a reason.


And scene. 


  1. haha can you send some of those elves my way?

  2. Saame thing with texting late at night.
    I think I need to borrow your elves today. i seem to have lost my motivation.