weekend rodeo

filed under: "strange things to find in your grandmother's jewelry box"

What's that? Hmm? Oh, there's sun in Portland?




I'll take it!

And so as a delightful alternative for writing a real post today I'm going to do a quick round up (get the rodeo reference now?) here of little amusings I've found on the internets this week. Because I want to go play outside. And I'm severely lacking in Vitamin D. 


A wonderful post from the sweet Kate about happiness.

I'm still the little girl who wants a pony for her birthday.  

If I wasn't afraid of tripping over a long skirt at work, I'd totally rock this.

How many times a year is it appropriate to make this? I'm hungry for it again. 

I love everything in Clare's shop (and have six of her prints in my apartment already!)

This is amazing and a true act of repentance.


Workin' on my night cheese

Oh, and one more food related item

Robin comes home tomorrow! Yay! 


Also, huge announcement!

It's my dear, sweet Katy's birthday today!

Truly, she is one of the truest, kindest, most inspiring people you could ever hope to meet. 

Plus she's got the sharpest wit in the world.

(and she teaches little munchkins in Los Angeles and for that alone she deserves a medal)


(not her real last name)

Love you and miss you!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Side note: I totally rented Finding Neverland from the library when I went to get new books for this week. I almost emailed you immediately to let you know, but then decided it was creepy, but now Im telling you anyways, so I'll slap a label on my forehead that says "weirdo" and move on.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Please say you did actually find that in your g-ma's jewelry box? If so, we may be cousins, because I have a deck of Kama Sutra playing cards I got from my grandma.