shameless, part vi

boots: steve madden, tights: target, shorts: old navy

necklace: american eagle

sweater: forever 21, scarf: target 

these may be my new favorite shorts - why? they have good pockets. these are my standards. 

black bracelet: gift, tiffany & co., silver bracelet: no idea, something I stole from mom

hair: a messy explosion of bobby pins and going to bed without first employing a blow dryer

Warm enough weather in January + tights under shorts = I get to wear shorts in January

And people tell me I'm not good at math.

Guess I showed them. 


  1. Cuteeee!!! Love the red tights! You wear your cloths well. :) I shall be back to catch up - been crazy busy (but that's a good thing). Happy Monday!

  2. i love it! i need to do outfit posts like this. my husband HATES taking me pictures ;) shh. don't tell anyone...haha.
    love, leigh

  3. You say those tights are from Target? To hell with buying them from work, I want Target colored tights.