and so this [was] christmas

A note on deceptive weather patterns: December in Portland NEVER looks like this.

The weather leading up to my departure was glorious.

And this is how the company thanks us for another year of hard work at the winery!

Grandpa Morton's famous ad from when he was in the Air Force (and his Pan Am Captain's hat!)
(fun story: my Grandpa Farmer could remember seeing this ad at the Post Office all those years before the two men would ever meet!)

My best friend Katy sent this card... I just about lost my mind. Robin, you will appreciate this.

My dirty computer and my favorite coffee mug from mom's 1970's kitchen goodies

Mom doesn't love her children at all. 

I love that a) this card exists and b) that mom still has it hanging in her kitchen


Maw Maw (Grandma Farmer)

If I had photoshop I'd edit in a beard for myself just to further the family resemblance 

Why do they do this to me every year? EVERY. YEAR.

Merry Christmas to me... And The Camaraderie 

Dad's wicked calligraphy skills 

Christmas Vacation: a family tradition since 1989

Our little family 

Three generations! 


Whoops... This one belongs on the Ugly Blog.

My cute parents 

"Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops."

Can't ask for a better message in a card from your dad. 

Well aren't we clever. 

And that was the holiday in a nutshell! 


  1. LOVE the Beatles/Jew transition there. 'Bout lost it.

  2. First- you have -the best- taste in clothes!!! I love that striped skirt!
    Second- I lost it when I read the top 10 Hanukkah songs.
    Third- It looks like you enjoyed Christmas with your beautiful family. Good!

    Wishing you a new year full of luck, love, health and happiness - Cheers! :)