boxing day

How do I celebrate this day-after-Christmas "holiday" more formally known as Boxing Day?

With a Double Double, fries & Dr. Pepper from In-N-Out. Naturally.

Folks, sometimes you need two all-beef patties smothered in that special sauce if you're about to make a treacherous journey home.

("treacherous" here meaning the difficulty with which I am sitting at my gate here in Sacramento waiting for my flight home, trying to NOT pistol-whip (because "iPhone-whip" doesn't sound as cool) the chick behind me who doesn't seem to realize the rest of us here don't give a pickle about how horrible her family was this Christmas - or the fact that she is practically a grown woman wearing Ghostbusters pajama pants in public... I digress)

Where was I? Oh, yes, fast food...

So now that my tummy is full, I am officially on my way home. I can't believe how much I missed Portland in such a short amount of time (yes I can). 

This was a peculiar Christmas and that big part of me that wished I could have stayed up north with The Camaraderie was aching come Christmas Eve. The creators of Skype however deserve a major gold star, or a cuddle, or something though because I loved getting the chance to see and chat with the kids amidst the hubbub!

All in all, I think I'm ready for a new year. 

So bring on New Year's Eve festivities! I'm not missing that one. 


  1. IN N OUT!!!!! i'm so jealous. srsly. not fair. but despite the fact you won't share, i am still a new follower.

  2. Yes to In n Out. Good (obvious) call.

    Where are you from in California?