salt + light (a preview)

So... I've had a project up my sleeve for some time now.

It's a new blog. A sort of platform for bloggers to share their musings on what drives them - 
faith, beliefs, spirituality... Whatever that may be.

I want it to be a forum where everyone can speak openly about their journeys, stumbles, questions and epiphanies. 

But here's the thing... I can't do it alone. I'll need your help.

This is still in the beginning stages, but stay tuned! A big part of my New Year's Resolution is wrapped up in this baby.

How's that for a blog-tease?

(or is this just me being overly optimistic?)


  1. ME TOO! Well, it's kind of different from your new blog but I've been planning something positive, too. Looking forward to it! :)

  2. I am very, very excited about this. And totally in.