weekly gratitude

thank you full-length sweater dress & boots for the perfect winter outfit

Is anyone else more than moderately panicked that Christmas is coming up so fast? Or is it just me because I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet? 

Eh... Six of one, half dozen of the other.

(These are first world problems)

There are more pertinent things on my mind.

Somehow it's Sunday and every night beginning with Wednesday has finally caught up with me. And it's all Meadows' fault. 

So that's where I'll begin...

1. Thank you Meadows for coming to visit Seattle Portland (and remembering/accepting which city you're in this time). While we've got our fair share of Indianians here year round (with seasonal exceptions), there are still a few east of the Rockies. They trickle out every so often but in the case of Meadows, it's been almost three years. With this visit there came much rejoicing (and whiskey)! And I think the boys missed their buddy like a Bruce Springsteen misses a world before John Mellencamp. Meadows is the kind of guy who you kinda can't help but love, even when he's making a joke at your expense:

me: Hey Meadows, remember last time you were here and we went to Voodoo Doughnut and I was eating one and you said, "Just remember, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!"
Meadows: Well yeah, someone had to tell you.

Nice. So for the last few nights it's been burning the candle at both ends to a pretty wicked extreme (case in point: at 2am on Friday night, being the last ones to leave CC Slaughers - there's a reason we were there and trust me, it was entertaining - followed by being up until 4am sipping wine and listening to the guys reminisce about the good ol' days). Saturday at work was a beast but totally worth it.

2. Thank you God for this seriously amazing weather you've given us for most of the week! Cold, crisp and SUNNY! Driving to work in the mornings, seeing the world all lit up and completely crystalized with frost? Nothing but love. 

3. Thank you for this post and this post. And on that note, thank you Robin for watching Love Actually with me and having an equal enthusiasm for Bill Nighy. And thank you Laura (and John) for making such a cute baby

4. Thank you to everyone who organized and put on the 2011 Erath Holiday Party at The Painted Lady last night! My goodness we know how to throw a party... A chance to get all dressed up (I could kick myself for not taking pictures of all of us in our holiday best!), hang out with each other outside of work, drink incredible wines and eat food that I would be writing love songs about if I had even the tiniest iota of talent in that department. The whole night was festive fun with some of my favorite people (isn't it awesome when you can say that about your coworkers? I'm pretty lucky there).

5. Thank you to my new followers! And thank you for having awesome blogs in return, I'm having so much fun reading through them!


One more day of work tomorrow then I can finally get my act together and upload some photos from the last, uh, two weeks (not slacking at all). I'm seeing at least one full day spent at a coffeeshop getting the very specific kind of high associated with peppermint mochas. 

Oh, and one last thing...


  1. Great post until that video. UGHHHHH.

  2. Hahaha, I'm sorry, I had to... I just watched that episode and about lost it.

  3. Ditto what Robin said only I lol'd at the video.