well done!

In my web adventures (webventures?) (I think I hate myself for creating that word)... 

Anyway! In my online travels I often find myself visiting Aspiring Kennedy. Not only is it just a sheer delight (girl lives in England with her husband and has amazing adventures - what's not to like?) but you can tell she's got a real heart. 

That little something that lets you know she "gets it". 

Recently she posted about just how amazing the blogging community is when it comes to spreading the word about truly incredible things. 

I looked into it further and this is an amazing organization. And with the holiday season in full swing - 
and the many things we all have to be thankful for - it seems only right to spread the love.

As Lauren put it so well:

"All you have to do is give $5...
which, I know you have.

Even in the midst of the holiday purchases,
the winter travel,
& the holiday cocktail dress shopping...
you have $5.

{Welcome to the First World!}"

So let's do this bloggers! Let's keep passing the word along and use our powers for good and not evil (geez, do any of us use this for evil? I don't think so)!

Take a few minutes to watch the video below (the guy's passion for this is completely contagious, you can hear it in his voice!) and if you feel inspired to do so, send a little donation (and a little love) their way.


The 2011 September Campaign. Our 5-year-anniversary video from charity: water on Vimeo.


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