the columbia river gorge

Not so long ago, I had the day off.

(days off - not uncommon this time of year - sometimes frustrating, but it gives me a chance to feed my wanderlust from time to time)

Days off are sometimes the best mid-week treat I can imagine, but sometimes they leave me feeling restless. 

As was the case on this particular day.

Original plan? To breeze through the IKEA out by the airport. Problem there is that the highway forks and you have a decision to make: veer right onto the 205 or stay straight on the 84-E toward the Columbia River Gorge. 

"Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning."

Rooster Rock in the distance (I think)

Is there any reason mere mortal should be allowed to live here?

I took the road less traveled. 

Say hello to Washington state across The Columbia River

moccasins: Minnetonka via J.Crew

Multnomah Falls Lodge (oh, and the Falls, of course)

Multnomah Falls holds a very special place in my heart. Let's just say that as far as "first dates" go, this was by far the best. 

Yes. Sometimes feeling restless leads to something wonderful. 


  1. OMG - these photos are GORGEOUS! Way better than going to Ikea.