the wonder that is meadows


It's not so much that Meadows himself is a wonder (though if you ask him, he'd probably be okay with that), more that in the wonder of his arrival in Portland, it got the Camaraderie all together for the first time since Thanksgiving which I loved.

Friends, food, whiskey & hats? Wow. We're predictable. 

It just never stops. 


Meadows staking his claim on Deaner

Shuffle King (wait, who won? I don't remember)

Nice bicep, Meadows. 

Who knows... Something about Springsteen, I'd guess.


Meadows contemplating his next move (not that it would make much difference in the end)

I wish there was a way to have captured the sound of Jared's laughter here.

Whiskey side-by-side


The extent of Jared's nonexistent flexibility (again, sound would make this much more entertaining)

Trying to make Meadows a "hugger" come hell or high water...

He's giving in! Instinct is taking over!

We have a hug, ladies & gentlemen! A real life HUG!

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Probably my favorite pictures of Dean and Jared ever. 

Handmade pint glass from Red Hills Market

Oh, sweet glory of the Carlton Farms Bacon & Egg sandwich... Don't get me started.

Once again I am reminded of how much I love these goofy kids. 

Meadows, you should come visit more often. Not only do we miss you, but we need more reasons to drink the Devil's Cut

Who am I kidding... We don't need a reason.


  1. mmm... nothing like a night with friends... followed by an egg& bacon sandwich. LOOKS AMAZING. yumm!

  2. I don't really know any of you but these photos always make me smile. And hungry... And thirsty for good spirits. :)