the devil in stitches

I have come to the conclusion that I do not have nearly enough Bad Religion in my musical arsenal. Woke up this morning (feelin' fine, there's somethin' special on my mind... Oh, wow, wait, no... Herman's Hermits is not Bad Religion, musical ADD, moving on... B-B-BUH... Moving ON I say!)

This was the song I had in my head when I awoke (with birds singing, little deer and bunnies frolicking about the mossy forest floor that is my apartment, cherubs in the corners playing their harps and lutes, sweet little mice in Mad Men inspired duds ready to make my clothes and help me get dressed)...

(Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize, that last parenthetical was a complete fabrication... I woke up to the neighbors chicken, er, uh, roosters crowing at an ungodly hour, the deer and bunnies are instead just a misplaced desk chair and bunnies, yes, but of the dust variety, the forest floor is, in reality, just a slight film because I don't vacuum often enough, I made the cherubs leave because they were freaking me out and in my defense, I haven't been dressed by mice in years...And yes, Mad Men mice, I'm updating the classic here)

My god, where was I on this post... Oh yes! Bad Religion! Get into it.


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