new toy

the way-too-excited image i texted jared... he probably expects nothing less at this point

dslr, meet slr... slr, this is dslr... let's be friends. 

Remember I mentioned that birthday treat? This is it. Introducing the beautiful Nikon D5100.

There is a conga line parading through my head whenever I think about this thing. Should I love a thing so much? Should it occupy my mind as much as it does? Should I eat less cheese in order to regain the waistline I had in college?

The answer you're looking for is "No way! Love on! Dream on! EAT MORE CHEESE!" 

(You should also be saying "What? No way, you look just as fabulous as you did in college when you were only eating 700 calories a day and working out 5 days a week...")

(Yeah, 'cause that was healthy...)

Thank you Daddy and Maw Maw for this amazing gift. Truly.

Fancy new photos to be posted soon.

I've already taken about 300. 


  1. you are one lucky lady! excited to see the photos you capture!

  2. I was absolutely floored by this one... I hope I can do it justice!