say cheese (pecorino, parmesan, havarti, gouda, wait, what?)


because i'm a whiskey girl. my daddy raised me right. 
this is what the inside of my head looks like

wedding bouquet (bridesmaid... don't worry, you didn't miss anything)

oh hey, i know you

birthday beer

hold the phones... a good picture of dean? yeah. and i caught it. i don't get it either. 

shamoo's sippy cup

the best. pizza. ever. 

birthday girl & boy... we're this many years old

too many choices. 


Robin & Dean

i'm making no one proud with this one

froon face

oh little dolcetto vine, you are so cute

if i could marry a sandwich, this would be it... time to move to vermont... wait, what?

same sandwich, different angle... and wine... always "and wine"...

lavender fields forever (the lost first draft by lennon)

this is where i work... ain't no thang

brinks: home security

brinksy's weapon of choice

i feel ya

write to me, stick stickly, p.o. box 963...


25 now... maturity... maybe next year

can you hear it through the grapevine? (shoot me, i shouldn't have said that)

jodi and i fail at self portraits. thank god we're pretty. 

my kindred foodie spirit mari


this reminds me of a cookie and i want to eat it. you know which cookie i'm talking about

i made no wish. and even if i did i wouldn't tell you. 

praise lord, we have purple grapes!

why do you work crazy 6 day stretches?! this is why. 

hey anthropologie, hire me to take pictures for you. kthanks. 


"i'm gonna get some eucalyptus candles beacuse they make my apartment smell mossy."

dangling cutlery... just the way i like it. 

teeny tiny PSL frapp!

yes please, do come in
Now I'm thinking about cheese. I'm hungry.

(all photos taken with this camera)


  1. You got the Nikon!!! Yay! The photos are all -awesome-!!! Looking forward to seeing more. :D