taco tuesday

Why am I friends with these people?

Oh, yeah... Because they enjoy a good taqueria as much as I do. And share an affinity for horrifying the family at the next table (though, to be fair, I wasn't the one horrifying, I was just the one eagerly taking photos).

So because it takes the perfect storm of circumstance to get all of us having a corresponding day (or night) off, we decided to celebrate this somewhat rare Tuesday night by meeting up at Sanchez's on 99W/Pacific Hwy./Barbur Blvd (come on Portland, get it together, pick a name and stick.with.it.).

 Anyway, I won't go into the gory details, but let's just say there were burritos, some sort of flouta situation and a healthy portion of cow tongue to go around (and a few scattered Andrew Zimmern impressions as a result of said tongue portion) (gross) (the phrase "tongue portion" that is; the tongue itself tasted like the best pot roast you've never had).

Let's face it though... We're all happiest about the fact that this evening gave me the opportunity to capture more of the ugly that is my friends when they know someone is looking.

Like Dean says: I can hear how ugly you are right now.

God I love these people.


  1. This made me smile. Good friends are such a treasure (so are good tacos but that's another story). :)